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Bone Broth is the foundational superfood - It’s simply delicious and mega nutritious. The original way to upgrade your day!
  • 100% Natural & Delicious
  • Low Carb & Keto
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Gut Health Essential
  • Sustainably Packaged
  • Gluten & Dairy Free

The People's Broth

  • Nathan 5/5 rating

    Really enjoyed the taste of this Broth and you can taste the quality of its ingredients . I was looking for a bone broth product that I can use to break my extended fasts with and this one seems to absolutely meet all my requirements. Add to that a company that clearly values its customers and you have a winning combination.
    Thank you 👍👍

  • Kimi 5/5 rating

    Good quality product, excellent customer service and really liked the user-friendly carton and eco-friendly packaging. Great taste too! I have become slightly addicted and a cup before bed is very comforting and also seems to perk my skin up, which is always welcome. Will buy more soon.

  • vivienne 5/5 rating

    I love this broth - as an IBS sufferer this soothes and nourishes my gut. I like to make bone broth but it's very time consuming so to buy this is a lifesaver. Extremely tasty, tastes better than homemade broth! I feel like it's doing me good - will repurchase

  • Rob 5/5 rating

    This stuff is the business! Great as a drink on its own to get those nutes into the system. Beautiful taste and aroma - a little touch of finely ground black or white pepper perfects it. Cartons are easy to open and pour. I am delighted to see products of this quality coming on to the market and food that is really healthy and delicious there for us to buy. I love it and will use all of your broths.

  • Beata 5/5 rating

    I usually make my own bone broth but I don't always have decent bones and it's time consuming and then has to be used fairly quickly. This stuff is fabulous. I know it's not cheap but it's definitely worth it. I've drunk it on its own and I've used it in making soup which really increases the flavour. I like it so much, I'm now getting it monthly

  • Emma 5/5 rating

    Best traditional bone broth I’ve found. Absolutely delicious and super healthy. Highly recommend it. I love that the company focuses on sustainability and animal welfare also. And perfect to be able to keep it in the cupboard, (long life) ready to go whenever we’re hosting dinner for family and friends and need that extra special flavour! I will definitely be buying this again..

  • Lou Lou 5/5 rating

    I brought this broth as I’ve not been well and I wanted something easy on my stomach, it tasted delicious, low in calories but nutritious. Yes, the packets aren’t big and are on the expensive side but for a warming elixir to get me back on my feet it really helped, and with the long shelf life I’d recommend having some in your cupboard.

  • Elaine 5/5 rating

    I did my homework before purchasing, as there are SO many different types of bone broth available including powder. The one is a lovely product made from 100% carefully sourced ingredients. This is the only bone broth I would buy without a doubt - you get what you pay for. A lovely product. Let’s support our small independent businesses…. Thank you!

  • Briony 5/5 rating

    Amazing taste.... Bought this after hunting high and low for a nice natural broth. Reminds me of the homemade broth that my grandma used to make. I Have tried various broths and all of them lacked flavour - this one is spot on, and an ideal meal replacement when you are on diet. Great nutritional value as well.

  • Vic 5/5 rating

    Absolutely delicious bone broth, great for keto and regular cooking if you can’t make your own. I was keto fasting and having it with a teaspoonful of golden ghee and a sprinkling of Italian herbs and really enjoyed it immensely. It really is the best, freshest, tastiest and with good production values that I have found.

  • A flavourful base for soups, stews, and sauces ... you can also sip it plain in place of coffee, tea, or soup.

  • It’s a champion all-rounder, packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin.

  • Designed to provide some heartfelt nourishment for your mind as well as your microbiome.

The Take Stock Difference

  • Flavour

    Our award-winning products are made in small batches from natural ingredients for a delicious bone broth that’s delicious and good for you.
    Take Stock broths are best enjoyed simply warmed and sipped from a mug, as the base for a superfood soup, or as a hero ingredient to enhance and upgrade any dish.

  • Nutrition

    Take Stock Bone Broth is a foundational health food, packed with protein, collagen and amino acids. It’s a low calorie gut health essential, an immune system booster and a nutritional powerhouse to make you feel great. Our broths suit most dietary lifestyles such as keto, paleo, and intermittent fasting.

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    Bone broth is sustainable by nature, and our ingredients are sourced for the highest environmental standards from Norwegian cooperative farms. Our beef is grass-fed, our chickens are antibiotic-free, our fish is MCS certified, and our packaging is fully recyclable and made from 90% renewable materials.

  • Convenience

    Getting bone broth into your life is important, but not everyone has the time to source, simmer and store a high quality broth.
    Take Stock makes it simple - our packaging gives a 24 month shelf life with no loss of flavour or nutrients, and our handy resealable cartons fit easily in your fridge.

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Our Food Philosophy

We’re working for a world of healthier humans, where the most convenient food option will also be the most nutritious, tasty and natural one.