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Bone Broth is the foundational superfood. It’s simply delicious and mega nutritious. The original way to upgrade your day!

Superfood Superfans

  • vivienne take stock customer review photo
    Vivienne says

    I love this broth - as an IBS sufferer this soothes and nourishes my gut. I like to make bone broth but it's very time consuming so to buy this is a lifesaver. Extremely tasty, tastes better than homemade broth! I feel like it's doing me good - will repurchase.

  • kimi take stock customer review photo
    Kimi says

    Good quality product, excellent customer service and really liked the user-friendly carton and eco-friendly packaging. Great taste too! I have become slightly addicted and a cup before bed is very comforting and also seems to perk my skin up, which is always welcome. Will buy more soon.


    I usually make my own bone broth but I don't always have decent bones and it's time consuming and then has to be used fairly quickly. This stuff is fabulous. I know it's not cheap but it's definitely worth it. I've drunk it on its own and I've used it in making soup which really increases the flavour. I like it so much, I'm now getting it monthly

  • Charles says

    I bought this for my family in the UK. They really enjoyed the flavor of this product. The natural flavor of herbs and vegetables came through in the broth and made a delicious soup. A great-tasting vegan broth.

Feel-Good Foundations

Our award-winning products are made in small batches from natural ingredients for a delicious broth packed with flavour - delicious and good for you, what’s not to like?

Take Stock broths are best enjoyed simply warmed and sipped from a mug, as the base for a superfood soup, or as a hero ingredient to enhance and upgrade any dish.

"Absolutely delicious & super healthy"