Benefits of Broth

There are so many benefits to regular consumption of bone broth. It is packed with readily available nutrients and minerals that help keep the body working at its best.

The Original Superfood

Thanks to high levels of protein, collagen and amino acids, it is consumed to help digestive health and heal leaky gut syndrome, aid weight loss programs, promote better sleep, reduce inflammation and improve joint and skin health.

Immune Booster

It is estimated that up to 80% of our immune cells reside in our gut - preserving the integrity of our gut lining is vital to prevent leaking which can trigger inflammation and an autoimmune response where the body attacks itself.

Great For Your Gut

Bone Broth contains collagen, gelatin and a bunch of amino acids, which nourish the intestinal lining and supports a healthy bowel. The amino acid glutamine helps heal the digestive system and prevent leaky gut syndrome.

Supports Your Diet

Our broths are the perfect companion to most healthy diets and lifestyles such as keto (low carb), paleo, intermittent fasting, 5:2, and Whole30, and of course the famous bone broth diet! Substitute our Broth for your normal beverage or a snack or meal replacement.

  • Designed to provide some heartfelt nourishment for your mind as well as your microbiome.

Take Stock vs Fake Stock

  • Award-winning taste
  • Fresh meaty bones and wonky veg
  • Packed with protein and amino acids
  • Free from gluten-dairy and yeast
  • Artificial flavours and sugars
  • Poor nutritional profile
  • Processed, low quality ingredients
  • Long list of scary additives

Our Food Philosophy

We’re working for a world of healthier humans, where the most convenient food option will also be the most nutritious, tasty and natural one.